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The Northeast Ohio Coalition
for the Homeless (NEOCH)

Communications coordinator, social media manager, graphic designer, and so much more

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NEOCH exists to eliminate the root causes of homelessness while loving Cleveland's diverse community through four pillars of NEOCH's work: organizing, advocacy, education, and street outreach. These four pillars become the four teams that make up the NEOCH team. My role was to uplift and share all the work our NEOCH team did with the public.

My Tasks

I started work at the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless (NEOCH) and jumped instantly into handling our many social media accounts and preparing for the non-profit's largest event, NEOCHtoberfest. My official title is Communication Coordinator but I wear many hats for the organization including; graphic designer, social media manager, email and newsletter coordinator, website manager, photographer, and even a video editor. If I can learn it quickly to better help the organization, I will do my best. 

A lot of my workday is spent planning and organizing. I manage social media engagement, create a calendar for all company communications, and save time for last-minute flyers and things my team might need. While I love the work, I look forward to projects where I get to flex my graphic design like logos, branding, and event materials. 

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NEOCH Events

NEOCHtoberfest 2023

NEOCHtoberfest is our largest event focused on raising funds for NEOCH. In 2023 we were able to raise a little over 34,000 through sponsorships, raffles, silent auctions, and donations. I made all the social media graphics, print goods, and banners for the event as well as took photos for later. 

Candlelight Vigil 2023

The Candlelight Vigil is another event hosted by NEOCH. This event is meant to mourn all of Cleveland's unsheltered population who have passed away in the last year. It is a somber moment filled with friends, family, and neighbors in order to remember all that we have lost. I helped invite people, take photos, and worked on the print graphics. 

NEOCH's Annual Meeting

This event is a little bit smaller than NEOCHtoberfest. This event is to share all the accomplishments of NEOCH in the past year with our community. I worked on the report that would stay on our website as well as be presented in front of NEOCH board members, sponsors, partners, and community members. 

Giving Tuesday 2023

NEOCH never put a lot of effort into last year's Giving Tuesday. I took the challenge and by myself, I marketed NEOCH's Giving Tuesday and was able to raise over $3,000! In the past, NEOCH only raised around 800 dollars so the increase is considerable seeing as it was only done by myself. 

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Other NEOCH Projects

Residents First Awareness Campaign

I helped our Organizing and Advocacy team in creating a graphic and mini-awareness campaign to educate Cleveland residents about the new policy. I characterized the NEOCH house in our logo to a walking house and paired it with a corrupt "monopoly style" landlord. We then created a flyer for our canvassers to pass out and educate tenants who need it most. 


Throughout my entire employment, I have updated our website to be more complaint with those who are visually impaired or not native to technology. I made it easier to find our donation button and created a footer to quickly navigate our website. 

I also managed our Facebook, Instagram, X/Twitter, Threads, TikTok, and LinkedIn. I am a one man team rocking it at NEOCH! 

Keep your eyes peeled for the future of NEOCH!

My work is just one part of the company. Things I worked on may change in the future. 

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