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Case Studies

Over the last three years, I have had the pleasure of working on several projects from beginning to end. Below are just a few examples where I can provide insight into the behind-the-scenes details.

My most recent work:

The Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless (NEOCH)

I worked as the Communications Coordinator for the non-profit. I managed our social media, all newsletter and email campaigns, and all assorted flyers and print goods. This meant I was our team's graphic designer, social media manager, event coordinator, website manager, and communications lead.

If I had the time, I helped with anything I could. 

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Sports illustration with three teens exersizing in a vector style



Formalized a new brand identity for Sports Nutrition 2 Go, including designing book covers, developing characters, and implementing marketing strategies with the long term in mind.


Urban Math

Worked as lead designer and illustrator directly with the two authors of Jordan and Jackie Make Math Fun One Yard at a Time. Urban Math's goal is to create interactive books that are inclusive and interactive for the modern kid's needs and interests. 



NSAC Adobe 2020

As a marketing director, I led a team of 20 student peers in an advertising competition in 2020. We were tasked to create a marketing plan for the Adobe Advertising Suite.


NSAC Metaverse 2022

I worked as a general lead and research director for the NSAC Metaverse in 2022 with a team of about 20 students.



GameStop Rebrand

As a student project, I rebranded GameStop to be an experience-based location using gamification and research on gaming cafes.


Furby Revive

Bring the Furby brand back to life by implementing top-notch branding strategies, carefully planned marketing approaches and extensive research.



TEC Experience

Previous projects I did while working at The Entrepreneurs’ Center. These are only a small amount of all the projects I've helped pass along and can publically share.

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