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National Student Advertising Competition 2022

Metaverse NSAC
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I was chosen as one of the twenty students to represent The Modern College of Design at the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC 2022). We sadly took second place, losing by .05 of a point! I was the EVERYTHING director leading the team in research and ensuring all creative assets matched the initial research. After, I was awarded "most likely to grow multiple arms and complete many tasks at once" by the team due to how much of the project I had my hands on. I worked with the creative director, art director, and other team members to market Meta's MetaQuest 2 (previously known as Oculus). 


The Process


This year The Modern started early and created a smaller team dedicated to research. In this stage we were able to do all the initial research on what the metaverse is, the competitors of MetaQuest, and the entire industry. As an older student with previous NSAC experience, I was able to guide my fellow students. This extra time dedicated just to research ensured that all decisions were based on fundable research. 

Strategy and Marketing

After stage one research, our entire team was formed. We caught up with the entire team as we started stage two of the research by conducting professional interviews, surveys, focus groups, and secondary research. I took the lead in creating personas to help identify and relate to Meta's target audience. Our job was to find out how to market MetaQuest 2 as a new college essential. 

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The Process

From Research to Design

We created the tagline: "Quest is Ready. To Find. Follow. Conquer." This encourages our personas to conquer their college experience and take control of their future. And throughout this new journey of going to college and gaining your freedom, MetaQuest is there for you as a tool. 

We, as a team, broke the marketing plan into the same three stages based on when our personas would interact with our campaign.

Design to Plansbook

After many stressful years, The Modern's NSAC experience has been modified and streamlined. In the past, we had to navigate with COVID closures and new bachelor's programs. Every year the process has been improved. When it came to making the plansbook, teams were broken into written content, creative assets, proofreaders, and supervisors. This meant that the plansbook could be finished in record time, giving us even more time to perfect the limited ten pages!

We got second place in AAF District Five and only lost first place by .05 points!

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