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Sports Nutrition 2Go Rebrand and Guidelines

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I got to work directly with the author of this book, Dawn Weatherwax. Her mission was to educate young adults and teens on how to eat healthy while managing daily stress, sports, and school. Her nutrition guides are modern and easy to understand. She includes what you can eat at fast food places as well as how to customize any meal to optimize and make the best health decisions. 

It was an amazing opportunity to work with her as we pivot her brand to be inclusive and modern. This lead me to create personas of each sport she would write about and build out characters that could teach the audience directly. 

This project is still ongoing and I look forward to how we continue to brand the future of Sports Nutrition 2Go!

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The Process

Sketches and Planning


This first step begins after our first consult. Dawn applied and worked directly with The Entrepreneurs' Center (The EC) to help her business. After finding her needs, she is directed to me to shape up her branding and create a book cover. After our initial meeting, I found that we needed to start with a brand guideline and then personify her target audience. 

It was important with the design that all characters are inclusive and diverse. It is crucial that all of Dawn's audience can find themselves in her book. I started with basic sketches and through many revisions and style changes, we were happy with these teenagers! I designed future characters with Dawn's future books in mind. 

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Keep your eyes peeled for future Sports Nutrition 2Go books!

This is still an ongoing project that may change in the future. 

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