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After graduating from The Modern College of Design with my associate's degree, I was given the amazing opportunity to intern with The Entrepreneurs' Center (The EC). This internship began to develop into a part-time remote job and gave me a little over two years of experience in the graphic design industry. Here are a few of my favorite jobs I did with The EC that I can share with the world!


Revolution Bows

Revolution Bows reached out to The EC, looking for a whole brand set from the ground up. I was able to work one on one with the founder and entrepreneur of this company to create his perfect logo! I created all graphic elements, logos, and a brand guidelines document.

Plygen shoot.png


Another ground-up brand foundation, Plygen reached out to The EC for an entire brand identity, packaging designs, and instructional illustration. I worked with the other two designers in The Entrepreneurs' Design team to develop the logo and illustrations. 



BOCA, Biting Oral Chewing Assessment, was looking for help illustrating their new device for investors as well as a new logo. I worked alongside my peers to make the logo and one on one with the client to design the prototype for the biting device.  



I had the amazing opportunity to work with Savorista multiple times in my years of The Entrepreneurs' Center. I helped take product photography for Savorita’s new packaging as well as develop a branded GIF set to use on social media. 


My Music Ed

Struggling with brand consistency and pitch decks, The Music Education reached out to The Entrepreneurs' Center, looking for help. I helped template a few documents, design their pitch deck, and create a brand guidelines booklet. 


Picture Perfect Painting Parties

Looking into renting space in the new Entrepreneurs' Center Arcade, Picture Perfect Painting Parties needed a new brand set. We helped develop a new brand set to match the fun and dynamic store.


Noggin' Stuff

Noggin' Stuff worked with The Entrepreneurs' Center in the past to get their current logo. The client looked to me to help make packaging for his hat-shaper product. I created a baseball cap design that matched the product's job and paired with the actual product, would look like a baseball cap.

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