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An interactive and customizable children's book

Urban Math


ISquared Learning Solutions (Previously Urban Math) story began in 2022 when a professor and a student were discussing ideas on how to improve math literacy for underserved communities. They saw a lack in children and adults of all ages willingness to learn math. So they sought out to find the reason why this is and how we could change this. They realized that the old method of pencil and paper and 2D images on a textbook didn’t engage students. At a young age these students either gave up on math or just lost interest because of the challenging nature of math. Even more, the students that have interest may not learn just by repetitive problem solving on a paper. This is where they decided to use technology and target children at a young age to spark interest early. Harnessing the power of storytelling to really get children engaged.

Urban_Math_3 2.png

The Process

Sketches and Meetings

This project was a dream come true for me! ISquared came to me with the idea and a written script for the book. Together with many sketches, planning, and meetings, we were able to create Jordan and Jackie. These two siblings are entirely customizable through their app so children can see themselves in the stories we create. 

From Sketches to Pages

After all the planning and initial sketches, we got approval and jumped into creating finished illustrative pieces. I worked from start to finish on this book and loved our mission toward inclusive and diverse storytelling. Now I just count the days until I can get my hands on the physical book!

Keep your eyes peeled for future ISquared books!

This is still an ongoing project that may change in the future. 

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